Copyright and Digital Millennium Copyright Act Compliance:


            Users of SonRise Communications, LLC services, including web site hosting and other related internet access and use(s) agree to comply with all State and Federal laws, including those which govern copyright. Those laws include, but are by no means limited to, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 [DMCA] which can be found at 17 U.S. Code §512.


         Content that violates these terms and conditions are subject to action, made unilaterally and in the sole discretion of SonRise Communications, LLC that may include, but is not limited to, edits to, or removal of, illegal content or, for repeat infringers of this policy, account termination.


         Therefore, any content users post, create or make available through the user’s website must be their own original work, subject to fair use provisions; that is, the user MUST OWN THE RIGHTS OR OTHERWISE BE LEGALLY ENTILTED TO USE ANY CONTENT A USER POSTS.


          If a user has any questions as to how such laws and limitations apply to that user, SonRise Communications, LLC strongly suggests the user seek the appropriate legal counsel.


          SonRise Communications, LLC will comply with these same laws, including responding to takedown notices in accordance with the DMCA. This compliance may include the removal or disabling of any content which infringes any applicable copyright laws.


          Any content provider or copyright holder, who reasonably believes that anyone using the services of SonRise Communications, LLC has violated the DMCA or other applicable law, should submit a proper DMCA notice to:


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